Monday, 29 April 2013

Sunrise/sunset art

My Grade 5's have been working on an integrated unit on light so I decided to integrate art by drawing a sunset. We looked at images of sunsets on google and discussed observations. The forefront in a lot of images was dark with the sunset and sky as the focus. With this in mind I offered students the use of charcoal for the forefront and oil pastels for the feature. Students also discussed perspective and distance and the use of a horizon for a focal point. I also modeled how to shade. The students enjoyed working on these and they are now proudly displayed on the wall.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Buddies Program

Nature Scavenger Hunt Recently my Grade 5s helped their Prep buddy class complete a nature scavenger hunt. A list of treasures, which included things like something green, something rough, two types of seeds and a chewed leaf, were written on a piece of paper and given to the Grade 5s to read to the Preps. The items were collected in a bag by the Preps and taken back to class. This activity took a whole lesson. Next time the Grade 5s will be helping their buddies classify their chosen items. This has a strong link with Scientific learning intentions where students will have to observe their chosen objects and classify them according to their appearance. This activity can be extended by using two hoops and making a Venn diagram where students would have to put items into the hoop and classify their similarities and differences.

photos of buddy book