Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sensory processing disorder

I would like to blog about something close to my heart today. Sensory processing disorder. My daughter has it and we found out this year. So many aspects of her life are now in perspective and make sense to me as her parent. A little bit about her which will be completely different to other children with SPD as they are all unique. My daughter has cried every day of her life when we have brushed her hair or tried to put it up. She is always wanting to eat and has no feeling of fullness. She occasionally complains of a sore heart as she can feel it beating in her chest as she is more aware of it. If she hurts herself she is hard to settle as pain is multiplied by ten for someone with SPD. She wont wear many clothes as they itch her and put her in Sensory overload. She constantly is bottoms up, in other words she has her head on the ground and bottom and legs above her as this helps her to self regulate. She hates loud noises and will often run away from them or put her fingers in her ears. She has high anxiety about lots of things that wouldn't bother other kids. The list goes on but when she is in sensory overload she wants to eat because of the deep pressure associated with chewing. After seeing an OT she has a few strategies in place like chewing gum to help her calm. She also has a brushing routine for her body to help with sensory overload to touch. She has a weighted blanket for her bed and I have recently made her a weighted blanket for her to have at school. We have made lots of little adjustments that are helping. 

With my teaching hat on I find a lot of the signs are present in certain kids in the classroom which I haven't ever noticed or linked my knowledge with before. Through educating myself with this disorder I am able to see ways of supporting other students who might benefit from strategies. Please read up on this disorder if you are a teacher and educate yourself. Many autistic children suffer from SPD. I am currently making weighted blankets to sell. They cost $50 plus postage. My daughter has hers in class to help calm her when she in overload. If you are interested in ordering one please email me on

SPD is a neurological disorder and something that my daughter will always have but through treatment and understanding she will certainly improve. If you have any questions blog away and I will try my best to answer them.