Monday, 15 September 2014

Grade 5 book review blog

I have decided to start a blog in my Grade 5 class. The blog is called Books are Life. It is a place for my students to post book reviews on the books they are currently reading. The blog is aimed at other Grade 5 students and other people who have an interest in books.
From a teaching perspective I feel the blog gives students a purpose for writing. The purpose of writing a book review is to inform an audience about whether they should or should not read that book. The blog gives students that audience. Take a look at their work :-)

Thursday, 4 September 2014

UTAS Science competition

The 5/6 UTAS Science competition was held today at our school with over 77 entries from schools across the North West and North of our state. We had 123 students engaged in science as they were judged by science experts from the University. I had ten entries from my grade 5 students and we managed to have 6 of those eateries short listed to the top 9 in this section. Super proud of the students and their achievements. The poster boards looked amazing and the students ability to talk the science was well worth the hard work that went into the classroom. Looking forward to the presentation evening tonight. Well done  to all involved.