Thursday, 13 August 2015

Science Inquiry

My Grade 5 students have finished their science inquiries today ready for a few different upcoming events. The first is an Open Day tomorrow where our local member of parliament will be attending along with our Scientist in Schools professional. Grade 5/6 parents have been invited along also to celebrate the wonderful work that students have completed. Parents will be encouraged to question the children about their inquiries in preparation for next week. 
Next week will be our whole school science expo where we have invited some scientists from the local community along to judge our 5/6 students on their scientific knowledge of their chosen topic. The top groups will then be selected to compete in the UTAS Science Investigation Awards where they are in with the chance to win some money. 
Later in the year the science reports will also be entered into the Tasmanian Science Talent Search. If students work is good enough they can then be selected for the National Awards. 
It's been great to see the engagement of students and the pride they have had when completing their report and display board. Student engagement= quality work. 

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Zentangle art

It's been a long time between blogs. I have been busy this year on a Grade 5 class. Having a great year so far.
Recently my students designed their own zentangle on a triangular piece of fabric which was then made into a bunting for display. During whole class novel a strategy of mine is to allow students to doodle in a doodle book. There are two reasons for this, it stops students from talking to one another and it is also a calming activity for students to do. It's amazing how much information they take in from the whole class novel when they are doing this routine. 
Completing the zentangle was an extension of this process as it built on student's doodling skills and it resulted in a joint piece of artwork. The students used felt tip marker and were allowed to choose one small aspect of their design to colour in. The end product turned out amazing.