Monday, 5 August 2013

Science Inquiry

Term 3 has begun and my students are into their PICSE science investigations. PICSE is a science competition where students run an inquiry of their own choice, write a science report and then head to the University to be judged by a variety of scientist. The kids at school love PICSE and can't wait to be a part of it when they reach Grade 5 and 6. In Grade 5 students complete their inquiry in pairs and then individual when in Grade 6. During their science inquiry my students are learning about dependent and independent variables and controls. They are using scientific language throughout their written report and are creating hypothesis and conclusions. Some of the topics my students have chosen are: absorbency of tissues and paper towels, best paint based on drying times, plant growth using grey water, the best egg replacements for binding properties, bread and vegetable mould, the amount of salt in different salt water locations from Tasmania and which chewing gum keeps its flavour for the longest. Student choice= student engagement which improves student outcomes. Looking forward to watching my students discuss their scientific findings with the judges.