Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Science success

It's been a while since my last blog. My class have spent time completing science inquiries. They are now currently working on their integrated inquiry on Earths Place in Space. At the end of last term and success at PICSE students had the option of entering their inquiries into the Tasmanian Science Talent Search. This was open to Grade 5 and 6's. The results for this competition haven't been released but judges select the best inquires to be sent off to BHP science awards which is a national level science competition. 

I received news on the weekend that we had five enteries (8 students) from our school that had been selected to enter BHP and three of those students were from my class. I was extremely excited to inform my students and demonstrate that a good science topic and hard work will take you places. The boys were very proud when they found out the exciting news which was great to see. 

As I have mentioned in previous blogs I place a big emphasis on purpose in the classroom. Purpose =engagement! 

The boys topic was on finding the best egg replacement for the binding quality in muffins. This has a strong link to helping the community as there are a lot of people who have anaphylactic reactions to egg. I wish my grade 5 students all the best of luck and also the grade 6 students who I taught last year. Great to see so many students engaged in science.