Thursday, 7 March 2013

Buddies program

It's been a while since my last blog. Been busy teaching and writing reports. I just wanted to blog about the Grade 5 buddy program as we will be catching up with our prep buddies tomorrow. The Grade 5's are extremely engaged with the buddy program and can't wait to see their buddies.

The first time we met, the buddy combinations were formed and then a Venn diagram was completed. The grade 5's wrote down things that were different about their buddy and themselves and then interests they have in common. They drew some pictures of each other and enjoyed each others company.

Throughout the week the Grade 5's used the information from the Venn diagrams to write a book for their buddy. It follows the pattern of I like ... My buddy likes... We both like.... This task is great as it has a purpose and my students need to learn to write for a particular audience.

Tomorrow when we meet, the students will be working together to type up the book on the laptops. This is another learning experience where the grade 5's get to lead the learning by teaching computer skills to the Preps. Clip art will be added and also space for students to draw pictures if they want. Once published the grade 5's will read the book to the Preps with the intention of the Preps learning some common sight words and also getting to a stage where the Preps will read the book to the grade 5's.

I'm really happy with the numerous learning intentions this process will offer and look forward to seeing the engagement of students and the final outcomes. Stay posted in the next couple of days and I will share some photos.