Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Quotes for inspiration!

I use a lot of quotes in my classroom to inspire and direct students in their learning. I have a wall which displays quotes that students can refer to.

Next week we will be attending PCYC which is aimed at building resilience and team work amongst other qualities in students.

Before we go I ask students to choose out a quote and write it down to direct and focus students on certain independent goals.

At the end of each session I ask students to reflect on their quote and give examples of how they achieved it or what they could do next time to achieve it.

I frequently refer to the quotes on the wall to help guide my students. An example of this is when I hear a student say 'I can't do this' and I will reply with one of the quotes on my wall which says 'don't tell me what I can't do, let me show you what I can do!'

Quotes play an important part in my classroom practice.