Friday, 15 February 2013

Writer's Notebook focus

Second week of school and my class have already completed their first week of swimming lessons. Wow!! Busy, busy.

My class routines are coming together. Literacy routines are quickly being learnt and I am loving the engagement of students with their Writer's Notebook.

For those of you who don't know much about Writer's Notebook it is an amazing writing program which is directed through student interest which really increases engagement in students.

We are currently looking at writing snapshots which is a great quick way to assess how students go at writing in present tense and from first person.

It's a process to change the students who want to do a first draft and then expect to do their final presentation. I try to refer to professional writer's and talk about how many drafts they complete. Most students can see how much their writing improves from first draft to final draft and that converts them. But there always seems to be one or two who don't want to change what they have written and will get disheartened with constructive feedback.

Would love to hear from other teachers as to what they have done when challenged with the same situation. What are your ideas?