Monday, 14 January 2013

100 thoughts in process

So I began this journey yesterday and entered sleep zone with 100 thoughts in process. Where do I start. So many things to discuss.

After looking at some other blogs I have decided to start this journey at the beginning of any new year within the classroom and that is "setting up!"

I was made to move classrooms once again and so the torture begins. What do I throw out, what do I keep?

I entered my storeroom to, once again, unpack my resources. 6 boxes down and 2 to go. My brain is in overdrive. I have nearly filled the entire wall of shelves making sure that the desk below is clear for a quiet writing conference area for students.

Upon reflection I begin to think about utilising this space to its best potential which leads my thoughts to working in a cluttered environment. How can students complete writing conferences with a multitude of visual distractions going on above them? It would be like me trying to cook a masterpiece with all my cupboards and draws in my kitchen opened baring utensils. So a simple solution (also a step into unchartered territory) is to make some curtains on a sewing machine to cover the resources. Hence hide the visual distraction and allow my grade 5's to concentrate on their writing masterpieces!

I will take a before and after shot as mentioned on a blog I am following which is Stay tuned...