Saturday, 19 January 2013

Eyes, ears and heart!

I was reading a blog this morning from and found some great ideas about ways to get students to stop what they are doing and listen. My favorite was 1,2,3,4 sit your bums on the floor, 5,6,7,8 hands in lap and sit up straight. Definitely something I plan on using this year. My catch phrase which I use is "Eyes, ears and heart!" I teach a lesson to my students about effective communication and what attentive listening is. You can be using your eyes by looking at the speaker and using your ears by listening, but not using your heart, which means not respecting the speaker by not giving them your full attention. I have a few students that go off into daydream land at times so the heart is a very important element of being an attentive listener. I hope you have used your heart and taken on board what I have just said instead of simply reading it and not absorbing it- lol.