Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Positive Behaviour Support Ideas

I started looking at my positive behaviour support resources and decided to share one of my many ideas with you. I use a bank system for positive behaviour support in my classroom. Students are rewarded with bank money for different activities for example they may receive $50 for completing tasks in a certain time frame, or the person who is first to solve my lateral thinking problem in the morning will get $30 or it can be used for rewarding students who demonstrate the social skill in focus for the week consistently. The beauty of this system is you give out the bank money for whatever you want as an encouragement for that behaviour to continue. When students have saved and reached a certain amount they can cash in on a reward. For $100 they can receive a pencil, right up to $1000 which will allow students to do some cooking of own choice with friends, spend a block helping out in another class or possibly computer time. The ultimate reward is a movie ticket for $3000 which is a year of savings. I keep the bank books and regularly ask a student to update them which sllows students to focus on their numeracy skills. The other positive about this system is it teaches students about savings.

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